Safety first! In the first few weeks and months, it is all about safe sleeping and resting places. Whether that be at home or on the go, your baby must always be in a safe environment.

Once your baby begins to discover its mobility, it is really exciting! During this time, countless dangers lurk, which may give your baby more joy in exploring new things, and at the same time make parents a bit tense!
However, many risks can be prevented with the right equipment. In our store you will find everything for the complete safety of your child in your car. For those babies who cannot wait to stand on two legs and to explore the world upright, we have a wide variety of walkers. You can reduce the risk of injury at home with edge protection, electrical outlet covers, kiddie gates and cabinet or window locks. Early identification of such hazards is important in preventing some damage. Therefore, baby monitors and cameras are also of great importance.