Besides bathing, washing and wrapping, Baby Care is a special time for attention and pampering. So that you and your baby are perfectly equipped, we offer a comprehensive range to make your individual bath and changing needs met. You can, for example, save lots of space when your changing table can convert into a tub. Non-slip rubber inserts, bath thermometer and Shampoo Eye protection can make a pleasant experience for your bathing baby. For the well-being immediately after the bath, cuddly soft bath capes and towels are in stock. Special brushes, combs and nail scissors facilitate the care of your child. In addition to these aspects, hygiene is also of great importance, in particular the “potty training”. Here we offer you valuable tips and the necessary accessories such as pots, toilet articles …

for bathing ...
  • Bath and Stand
  • non-slip rubber insert
  • bath cape
  • towel, washcloth
  • Bath Thermometer
for Diaper Changing ...
  • changing table (With or without integrated bathtub)
  • Changing Mat
  • Cloth Diapers
  • Diaper Bin
for Caring ...
  • brush, comb
  • small, rounded nail scissors
  • Care Basket
  • nasal pump